5 Reasons To Experience a Plitvice Lakes Tour

Mountains of lush forest vegetation, picturesque grasslands, startling blue and green-coloured lakes and cascades, and abundant wild animals and birdlife… Welcome to Croatia’s oldest, largest (and many would argue) most stunning national park, the Plitvice Lakes.

The area covers just under 300 km2 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It comprises upper and lower lake systems formed in dolomite rocks and limestone respectively.

Water has flowed over the limestone for thousands of years, depositing travertine barriers along its way. Over time, this process led to the creation of dams, which eventually formed the lakes we see today. At the end of these lakes are the stunning Sastavci waterfalls. So it is therefore no surprise that Plitvice Lakes also belongs to Natura 200, a protected collection of Europe’s most valuable habitats and species.

The area is of immense scenic beauty and offers plenty of outdoor activities and points of interest. It is, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking locations in Croatia.

And the best news? Several Cruise Croatia land and cruise tours offer a Plitvice Lakes tour. Alternatively, the team can custom-build a pre- or post-cruise itinerary, including a visit to Plitvice, just for you! We take care of the ticketing hassle and transportation so you can make the most of your time here.

You probably don’t need any convincing about coming to this stunning area, especially when we make it so easy to get there and experience. However, here are five compelling reasons to ensure you don’t miss this incredible part of the world.

  1. Plitvice Lakes is terrific for lovers of outdoor sports

    What do you fancy—walking, hiking, wooden boat riding, or horse riding? Take your pick, as they are all on offer here!

    We think an adventure on foot is the best way to take it all in. Choose from approximately eight different routes ranging from 3 km to 18 km long. Most of these intersect with the Veliki Slap, or Great Waterfall, which is not to be missed. Don’t worry about getting lost—each route is well-marked. However, remember to stay on paths and not veer off-piste (doing so is prohibited).

  2. The fantastic diversity of flora and animals in Plitvice National Park

    Wild European bears, lynxes, wolves, roe deer, red deer, hedgehogs, dormice, and other animals live in this area. Although they are rarely spotted, keep noise levels down and you never know what might cross your path!

    There are plenty of winged wonders to watch, including long-fingered bats, bees, and butterflies. You may hear singing birds, see raptors, kingfishers, white-throated drippers, and dragonflies, or even watch a timid woodpecker in action. Remember to also look out for aquatic wildlife like otters, stone crayfish, and trout. They are all indicators of a healthy ecosystem and clean water.

    But not only ‘wild’ animals call this area home. More familiar species can also be found grazing in the grasslands. For instance, several hundred indigenous ‘Lika Pramenka’ sheep are in the area. This breed is highly regarded for its milk and meat—but more about Likan food further down!

    If you have a green thumb, watch out for expanses of European dry heath, hairy greenweed, the Siberian Leopard plant, sundew, butterwort, creeping marshwort, bladderwort, lichen and an abundance (aka 800 species) of unique fungi.

    Take in the majesty of iconic tree species such as the Mountain Elm, Beech, Fir, Pine, Maple, Oak, Black Ash, and Wild Cherry. Everywhere you look, you’ll be overwhelmed by the natural beauty.

  3. The best time to visit Plitvice is any time!

    While some might argue Croatia’s islands are best in warmer seasons, Plitvice Lakes is magnificent throughout the year. With so much biodiversity on offer, Mother Nature is busy in every season.

    Enjoy the explosion of wildflowers in Spring and early Summer, watch as trees turn vivid golden and rusty hues in Autumn, or see the snow and ice settle over Winter. Whatever the time of year, you’ll be blown away by the scenery.

  4. Watch out for a Plitvice Lakes wedding

    Whether you want to admit it or not, we all secretly love coming across an unexpected wedding scene, right?

    Unsurprisingly, happy couples come to this destination to capture their wedding photos in spectacular surroundings. There’s something incongruous (but visually striking) about watching a bride in full wedding regalia surrounded by a background of Croatian wildness. Pick up on the happy vibes and give them a cheer!

  5. Tuck into Likan cuisine – some of the best Croatian food imaginable

    Have you heard of Likan cuisine? If not, welcome to an epicurean paradise!

    Ancient recipes, healthy ingredients, and a choice between river, sea and land mean there are plenty of regional Likan dishes to try. From local honey, mouth-watering Skripavac cheese, dried meats and game to olives, olive oil and the famous Lika potato… You won’t know where to start.

    Plitvice Lakes makes it easy with a great selection of restaurants, bistros, cafes, and pizzerias on-premise. Reward yourself with a well-deserved, hearty meal following your outdoor adventures.

Take a Plitvice Lakes Tour with Cruise Croatia

This is certainly a country of exceptional beauty. Our Cruise Croatia itineraries visit the very best locations, ensuring an authentic and memorable experience you’ll talk about for years to come. Contact our team today about visiting Plitvice Lakes as part of our sailing holidays.