First-Class boats

First Class boats are steel hulled and often very new. They are all fully air-conditioned and have en suite bathrooms in every cabin. They are superbly equipped and sometimes are even considered deluxe by other companies. Some are brand new builds whilst others are a few years mature. Our categorisation means they are not quite as plush as our Deluxe boats.


Extremely popular ship, first launched in 2012. Elegantly decorated cabins and public spaces, modern facilities and an attentive crew.

This elegant, exclusive motor yacht with comprehensive facilities is perfect to provide an exceptional Adriatic Coastal cruise experience.

One of the originals - a traditional sailing ship that offers a fantastic cruise experience and price for passengers limited by budget.

A stunning First Class boat, built in the style of the traditional sailing ships, with modern, contemporary decor and facilities. A great boat at a great price.

Stylish and well designed for cruising along the sparkling Croatian coast. A popular, elegantly decorated boat with first class facilities.

A first class motor yacht perfect in size. Excellent facilities and an attentive crew and Cruise Manager make this one of Croatia's most popular boats.