Top Tips For Sailing In Croatia

Seven Tips for a Cruise in Croatia

Croatia is without a doubt one of the most visually impressive countries in the world and has rightfully earned its spot as one of the world’s top small ship cruising destinations.

Dalmatia, a historic section of the Southern Adriatic, is one of the four regions of Croatia. If you want to experience the European seas and Croatia coast line the right way, then doing so by a small ship cruise won’t fail to deliver spectacular scenery and a hidden, exotic culture only understood by those that visit.

When it comes to arranging your cruise there are two things that you really need to do: research and get organised. To help you with both, we’ve compiled a list of seven things to consider in order to get the most out of your cruise in Croatia.

Tip #1: Consider the weather before you travel

The weather in the Adriatic Sea is peaceful most of the time and it’s surprisingly predictable, in fact it is very unusual to experience bad weather from spring to late summer, making it one of the most sought after cruise holiday destinations in Europe.

The Croatian cruise season runs from mid-April and up until mid-October, with the summer months being the most popular as this is when you will experience the crystal-clear skies and calm seas that the Adriatic is well known for.

Of course everyone has different requirements, some want to swim and suntan in mid summer while others prefer the more moderate weather and fewer crowds in spring or autumn. When organising your small ship cruise, be sure to ask our cruise specialists for advice on the months that will best suit your personal travel preferences.

Tip #2: Be sure to understand all your cruise inclusions

Finding the cruise of your dreams may seem quite daunting when you first sit down to plan as there are a few things that you need to consider. However we ensure that the inclusions are transparent on all our cruises. Just be sure to read over the fine print.

The main things to consider are:

  • What is the standard of the ship and any additional accommodation (Cruise-Tours)?
  • Are transfers and pre- or post-cruise accommodation options included or available?
  • What food and drink options are available; are water tea and coffee or other drinks included with meals?
  • How many ports and cities are included and which ones will tours operate from?

To make things easier we have sub-divided our cruises into Premium and Classic. The Premium ones include the most and the Classic will allow more personal choice. Each cruise will be different, so make sure you read through the details in their entirety to ensure that your cruise is perfectly suited to you.

Tip #3: Have an idea of how many ports you wish to visit

The pricing and itinerary of your cruise will partly depend on how many stops are included in the package.

Consider your budget and your time when deciding on how many ports you wish to visit – especially if your package does not include tours at the ports of call. How much time is spent at each port is also important given that you will most likely wish to immerse yourself in the Croatian people and culture while you are visiting.

A good balance between time on land and at sea is a must to ensure you experience the best of Croatia’s spectacular coastline, both the islands and the traditional rustic on-land charm.

Tip #4: Always look at the Cruise options and standards

When organising your cruise, one of the crucial things that you need to take into account is the standard of the ship. You’ll be spending each night sleeping on your chosen cruise ship, so ensure that comfort abounds.

To make things easier we have sub-divided our ships into Deluxe, First-class, Traditional and Themed cruises. Deluxe are obviously the best and newest ships offering all modern amenities and comfort. There is air-conditioning throughout the vessel and all have en-suites. First-class ships are really the same as Deluxe but a little older. Traditional ships are themselves categorised into A+, A and B vessels with differing amenities and comfort levels along with scaled prices. These are generally the masted ships that are associated with this part of the world. The themed cruises can be on various categories of ship but the whole cruise is centred around the featured theme. A great way to combine cruising with your chosen passion!

By the very nature of their size, small cruise ships differ for large ocean vessels when it comes to the level of amenities available and because of this you may like to ensure that the ship you choose has private facilities, regular cabin servicing and offers individual cabin air conditioning.

Tip #5: Think about what you will be doing when you are on-board

Consider what you will be doing when you are not enjoying breath -taking scenery, immersing yourself in tours of rustic villages, or enjoying delicious local cuisine. How do you envisage spending your R&R time?

Given the high standard of the new small ships that are now on offer in Croatia, you may find yourself spoilt for choice, but to be sure to always check the on-board amenities and don’t take what you’ve heard from other travellers for granted.

Tip #6: Don’t pack the kitchen sink

While most small cruise ships tend to be fully equipped with everything you need, the reality is that you will need to bring a few personal items. If you’re prone to sea sickness, don’t fear, the Adriatic is known for its very calm seas, however you should carry any personal medication required, including anti-nausea tablets as they may be hard to find and expensive on the smaller islands, particularly if you have a brand of choice.

As it is the age of technology, most cruise ships offer web access (so you can share your amazing photos with your envious friends) and as such you won’t want to forget your battery charger or travel adaptor.

Remember small ship Croatian cruises offer plenty of time in port, so you can always pick up any forgotten items while you’re travelling as well.

Tip #7: Surround yourself with like minded travellers

It may be important to you to be surrounded by people from your own generation given that you will be cruising for similar reasons and spending quite a bit of time together.

The cruises are small cruises because they are intimate and offer opportunities to engage with other cruise goers. Ensure that your cruising experience is perfect by doing your research and booking a cruise with the most appropriate age bracket for you.

Croatia is, simply, a traveller’s dream and packs a punch when it comes to scenery and tradition. Ensure that you are not disappointed by doing your research. Budget, route, weather, amenities, and age group will significantly influence your cruising experience.

Rest assured that experiencing Croatia on a small ship cruise will deliver relaxation, exploration and everything in between.